Leo Chan
Co-founder & Executive Director, AMENPAPA

Leo is the Co-founder and Executive Director of the fashion brand AMENPAPA.

AMENPAPA’s vision is to create spiritual clothing: Fashion as a canvas to boldly and playfully express spiritual truths. They are a brand willing to take tremendous effort in creating a story for every single piece of product, drawing inspiration from the bible and storytelling through fashion and graphic design.

Since 2010, from a weekend hobby to a fashion brand selling at over fifty stores around the world such as Harvey Nichols, Galeries Lafayette, Lotte, La Maison Simons and Bauhaus, to name a few.

Leo is a Board Member of the Fashion Farm Foundation and Deputy Supervisor for the Wofoo Leaders’ Network. He also serves as a Vice-Chairman of the Create Smart Initiative (CSI) Vetting Committee, a Member of the Trade Development Council’s Garment Advisory Committee and a Member of the Advisory Group on Implementation of Fashion Initiatives.