Mr Moto Suzuki

CEO, hap co., Ltd.

In 2006 I established the apparel venture hap co., Ltd.

We specialize in material development, design proposal, product management for major apparel companies.

We have 30 staffs including designers and pattern makers.

Although our company does not have own factory, due to strong relationship with cooperating factory,

we are building a supply chain in Asian countries.


We developed "COVEROSS" for sustainable comfortable multifunctional function in 2016. You can confer more

than 10 functionality at the same time in fabric processing of natural fibers or synthetic fiber fabrics.

For example, "photocatalyst" or "air catalyst" can decompose dirt and smell attached to the fabric with light,

a little water and air. In addition, we can give about 10 comfortable functions at the same time. It is hard to

see through even in white fabrics, sweatiness is not conspicuous even in gray, cool feeling, anti-virus etc.


In addition, we are developing healthy, sleeping, performance improving functional materials. Various effects

can be expected by improving blood flow by far infrared ray effect.

We are producing in the Asian countries such as Indonesia with the latest technology in Japan.

Hap stands for happy. We believe in creating a happy future with everyone through fashion and latest technology.