Dr. Marsha A. Dickson

Co-founder of Better Buying & Professor at University of Delaware

Dr. Marsha Dickson is Irma Ayers Professor, Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies, University of Delaware.  She is co-founder of Better Buying, an initiative aiming to support industry-wide transformation of buyer purchasing practices so that business relationships support suppliers in providing decent workplace conditions.  Dr. Dickson is widely recognized as a global academic leader for her research, teaching, and practical engagement in social responsibility and global supply chains in the apparel industry.  She has conducted research on social responsibility in numerous countries around the world.  Dickson served for 14 years on the board of directors of the Fair Labor Association (FLA).  She leads UD’s membership with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.  Dr. Dickson has received several awards, including the All Star Award from Apparel Magazine and the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) in 2009, ITAA Distinguished Scholar in 2011, and ITAA Fellow in 2016.