Mr. William Wong
Chairman / Founder of the Federation of Hong Kong Brands

William established Goddess International Limited in 1994. Goddess now is one of the most important manufacturers for indoor slippers worldwide.

In 2002, William started to retail his own indoor slippers in China under the brand "Betta". Over the years "Betta" has become the most known brand for indoor slippers in China.

William was the very first Asian Winner of the MICAM award at MICAM Milano (MICAM is the biggest footwear event in the world)

William also holds the following positions:

 - Vice President of Hong Kong Footwear Association

 - Co Founder of the Global Footwear Sustainability Summit

 - Co Founder of the Global Footwear Retail Conference

 - Board Member of the Hong Kong Textile and Training Board

 - Executive Committee Member of the UITIC (International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians)