Mr. Joel Ankarberg
Head of Business Development, Production, H&M Group

Joel Ankarberg has served as Head of Business Development, H&M Group Production since January 2013. Joel is based in Hong Kong, and the main responsibilities lies within strategy, business development, and change management within purchasing, sourcing, and technology. Alongside this, Joel is active in the venture capital and investment arm of H&M Group, serving on the Board of Directors for two companies within the investment portfolio. Prior to H&M, Joel worked as a management consultant within the Supply Chain field. Joel has an MBA and studied across Asia and South America, and graduated from Jönköping International Business School with a MBA in Entrepreneurship and International Business Administration. In his spare time, you’ll find Joel spending time in the nature (preferably on the ocean and in the archipelago, hiking mountains), painting, and spending time with the family and his two sons.