Dr. Delman Lee
President and Chief Technology Officer
TAL Apparel Limited

As the President and Chief Technology Officer for TAL Apparel, Delman is responsible for driving the company’s long-term strategy in operations, technology and value-added services to customers. He looks after information technology and supply chain projects – from IT infrastructure to logistics management throughout the entire organization. Delman is the architect behind the company’s current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which extends throughout TAL’s procurement, customer order management, distribution, manufacturing, planning and finance operations. He is also responsible for global operation initiatives such as lean production, cultivation of a continuous improvement organization and sustainability.

Under sustainability, Delman leads the sustainability efforts in TAL – both social and environmental. He is responsible for planning and implementing various sustainability initiatives such as greenhouse gas reduction, water footprint and waste management.

Delman joined TAL Apparel in 2000. He joined the Group's Executive Committee in 2006 and became the President and Chief Technology Officer in 2010.