Ms Chieko Watanabe

President, Avanti Inc.

A pioneer of marketing and production of organic cotton products in Japan. Born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1952. * Encounter with Organic cotton. In 1990, she received a job request to import organic cotton fabric by an English ecologist. She then came to know that organic cotton farmers in Texas coexist with nature by farming organic cotton with pesticide-free cultivation, a technique that is very burdensome, but worthwhile, for farmers. She felt inspired by this connection to nature when she saw the fields of organic cotton under the sunshine of Texas. In addition, her philosophy for sustaining a business over a long period of time revolves around these four aspects: the producer, the customer, the seller, and social involvement. She is continuing to progress in becoming the leading company of organic cotton with employees who share this same philosophy. *Social Action She conducts a variety of social activities; such as, Educational Event for children to learn the ethical basis of what to wear, what to eat, and how to live. Radio programs and seminars to spread messages regarding social action and their impact for the 22nd century. Production of pet foods made by hunted deer, as recently an increasing number of deer has caused environmental problems, leading to major damage to the ecosystem.