Dr. Harry Lee, SBS, JP


The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA)

Message from Dr. Harry Lee

HKRITA was established 12 years ago. With the support from the HKSAR Government, we constantly strive for excellence in innovation, research and technology development in the textile and apparel industry. A number of international and local awards that we received in recent years vividly demonstrated our R&D strength in a wide spectrum of technological areas.

Today, many top fashion brands are transforming their business into a technology-based sustainable model and innovations take place at the intersection of fashion and technology. We are honoured to present the Innovation and Technology Symposium 2018 which is one of the key sessions of the Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) on 7 September 2018. The two-day event will provide a platform to inspire ideas on sustainable development for the fashion industry. We wish all participants every success.