Edward M. Ho

WWF-Hong Kong

Message from Mr. Edward Ho

WWF works to harness the power of the global marketplace into a force for conservation. We believe the fashion industry can be part of the solution to drive positive change. With third-party verification schemes like the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP), WWF encourages fashion industry players to advance sustainable production and consumption, reduce their environmental footprint and preserve the planet’s rich biodiversity for future generations.
As a co-organiser of the Fashion Summit 2018, we are helping to redefine the role of Hong Kong to drive greater sustainability in the fashion industry. More efficient means of production and better use of natural resources are in the best interest of companies, people, and the planet. Under the theme of “Circular Economy”, we are excited to share some practical examples during the Fashion Summit, including how we can turn ‘waste’ into high fashion and reduce our ecological footprint.
We aim for Hong Kong to become the most sustainable city in Asia, where nature is conserved, carbon pollution is reduced and consumption is environmentally responsible. To do this, more people and more businesses must truly value our natural resources.
Together, it is possible to build a future where people live in harmony with nature.