Importance for Sustainable Fashion Database Exists

Fashion Summit (HK) understood that while fashion industry players in Hong Kong are increasing aware of sustainable business, they often do not know how to implement effective sustainability in their daily operation as there is without any public channels to get concrete and practical solutions. In view of this, we decide to establish this Sustainable Fashion Database as a sharing platform to provide resources for all industry players to get useful information through those contributions from fellow industry members.

This platform is open to public but keeping the information quality, it would require every company register and take the responsibility on providing accurate, useful and up-to-dated information sharing to public.

By registering as a member of this sharing platform, we're welcome any fashion industry players in the supply chain, i.e. suppliers, manufacturers, designers, brands, etc, to contribute and share their successful and workable cases, materials and solutions in running a sustainable business. Our “search engine” allows our members to find suitable sustainable material and product suppliers provided that fit for their own business. In the process, we hope industry players can gain up-to-dated information and direct to establish a more sustainable business for themselves.

How to get started?

Membership is free-of-charge. Join us in driving towards a sustainable fashion industry together!

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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed on this platform are those of the database members only and do not reflect the views of Fashion Summit (HK) and its seven co-organizers.

Sustainable Fashion Database