Rules & Regulations

  1. All entrants of Fashion Future Challenge Award (hereafter “The Award”) must be students aged 18 or above (by application deadline) and currently studying at universities or tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.
  2. Entrants to The Award must be in a team from two to five persons. Members of the team are not confined to the same university or institution. Each person is allowed for one entry only.
  3. There is no limitation on the number of participant teams from each university or institution.
  4. Each entrant must use his/her true identity according to the personal details on his/her HKID or Passport. If the entrant is involved in any misrepresentation of information or falsification of documents, his/her participating team will be disqualified. The organiser of The Award (The Organiser) reserves the right to pursue the matter in court/in a court of law.
  5. The Organiser reserves the right to request all entrants to present identity proof of his/her personal identity and/or eligibility to a local university or tertiary institution.
  6. All entrants must follow the required format for the submission of abstract and upload of proposal. No late entries will be admitted and entries not following the required formats will be disqualified.
  7. Entrants should warrant that the proposal does not violate Copyright Ordinance or infringe Intellectual Property Rights of any parties. If any actions of Copyright Ordinance violation or Intellectual Property Rights infringement are involved, the entrant will be disqualified with immediate effect and the Organiser will not be liable for any rights infringement.
  8. All entrants must warrant that the proposal is original and independently created without plagiarism and has not been published or submitted to other competitions.
  9. All entries will be assessed by the Judging Panel. The Judging Panel will determine the award list and winning team according to the assessment criteria listed on this website and professional advice of all members of the Judging Panel. The Judging Panel reserves the right of final decision on entry assessment and award list.
  10. The Entrants should grant on a gratuitous basis free of any fee to the Organiser the right to use, edit and publish the proposal submitted for the Award for promotion purpose or public exhibition (including but not limited to website).
  11. If any entrant or any member of the team does not observe, disobeys or violates the above listed rules, the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify the participating team and revoke the results and the awarded prizes and cash prizes. The Organiser reserves the right of final decision on eligibility for enrolment and prizes.
  12. The Organiser reserves all rights to amend the rules and regulations, programme and schedule of The Award without prior notice. If there are any amendments, the Organiser will publish details on the event website and inform participating teams the important amendments via email.
  13. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.
  14. The Organiser reserves the right of final decision on any dispute and on the above rules and regulations.